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Blog last updated: 2-June-2020
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Welcome to our home page. Welcome home.

We are the collective meetings and intergroup service body of Overeaters Anonymous that covers Kentucky's western half and Southern Indiana. We belong to Region 5, and we all belong to The OA World Service Organization.

What is Overeaters Anonymous?

Overeaters Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women from all walks of life who meet in order to help solve a common problem – compulsive eating, which includes obesity, anorexia, bulimia, and many other compulsive eating behaviors. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop eating compulsively.

OA is a non-profit international organization with approximately 8,500 meeting groups in over 50 countries throughout the world. Read more at OA.org's What To Expect and Program Basics

COVID-19 Info - Many Resources Available:

Meeting Directory group

All meetings last one hour unless noted. Click meeting name for details.

Telephone Meetings

Mon 10 e9 c am phone
Wed 10 e9 c am phone
Wed 5:30 e4:30 c pm phone
Wed 6:30 e5:30 c pm phone
Fri 10 e9 c am phone

Zoom Meetings

Mon 5:30 e4:30 c pm laptopphone_iphone
Tue 10 e9 c am laptopphone_iphone
Tue 7 e6 c pm laptopphone_iphone
Wed 5:30 e4:30 c pm laptopphone_iphone
Thu 10 e9 c am laptopphone_iphone
Thu 6 e5 c pm laptopphone_iphone
Sun 2 e1 c pm laptopphone_iphone

Face-to-face meetings with precautions (fewer than 10 people). Clink links for more information.

Wed 7 pm Louisville40207
Sat 4 pm Louisville 40213


Mon 5:30 pm 40207
Mon 7 pm 40207
Tue 10 am 40243
Tue 7 pm 40243
Tue 7 pm 40205
Wed 5:30 pm 40207
Thu 10 am 40299
Thu 6 pm 40207
Thu 6:30 pm 40204
Thu 7 pm 40216
Fri 6:30 pm 40204
Sat 9:30 am 40205
Sun 2 pm 40207
Sun 6:30 pm 40207

Southern Indiana

Mon 7 pm 47146
Tue 4:15 pm 47129
Sat 10 am 47150

Kentucky - Eastern Time Zone

Mon 7 pm 40019
Tue 10 am 42701

Kentucky - Central Time Zone

Wed 4:30 pm 42003
Wed 5:30 pm 42003