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Monday Connections Phone Meeting phone

when Monday 10:00 am (ET)
focusThe day’s readings from our daily readers For Today and Voices of Recovery
phone-in phone Call (or text-message) Contact to request the call-in number
Access code: available from Contact
To mute and unmute use your phone’s controls or *6 to both mute and unmute. Please stay muted when not reading or sharing.
Contact: Sherrie H 502-262-7396
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last updated26-Oct-2020



We are coordinating three phone meetings to fill the local need for continued contact. The meetings will be held at 10 AM every Monday, 9 AM every Wednesday and 10 AM every Friday morning and will be known as the OA Connections meetings.

To connect to the meeting:

There will be a rotating format:
Monday 10 AM: Current dates Just for Today and Time for Recovery readings
Wednesday 9 AM: Leader’s Choice - topic readings from Just for Today and Time for Recovery
Friday 10 AM: Leader’s Choice Big Book

Please have your copies of these books to read during the meeting along with a paper and pen in case you want to take a contact phone number.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Future meetings will need leaders. To volunteer to lead meetings, contact Sherrie. An easy to follow format and instructions will be provided.

Sherrie H 502-262-7396

Please tell your OA fellows! This info is going out in email blast, it will be posted on louisvillemetrooa.org,
and it will be posted on Facebook, but not everyone has access to these.

First OA Connections Meeting - Monday March 16th at 10 AM


Q: Is there a charge for the call?

A: This is a US long distance number. Regular phone charges apply according to your long distance plan. Most calling plans now have nation-wide long distance and will not incur a charge.

Q: Is there a cost for the service?

A: This is a free service. The company providing "freeconferencecall.com" makes money by "add ons" but provides the basic service for free.

Q: Is there a code for participants?

A: Yes, be sure to obtain the access code from the meeting contact volunteer listed above.

Q: Are there limits on how long or how often the number can be used?

A: The calls can't be longer than 6 hours. They can occur anytime, as often as we need. The calls are not pre-arranged with the vendor, scheduling is completely flexible. The same number can be used repeatedly.

Q: Will my anonymity be protected?

A: Participants may identify themselves as they choose during the call in process and within the room.

Q: How do I know that other people not in our group are on the line?

A: The phone number is unique to our account. There will be audible beeps as participants enter and leave the conference.

Q: Will other people know my phone number if I call in?

A: Call attendees and hosts will not see the phone numbers. The account creator could obtain reports from the vendor of all calls with all the phone numbers.

Q: Are the calls being recorded?

A: No. This feature was turned "off" when the account was created.

Q: Should I put myself on mute when not talking?

A: You may do this if your background is noisy. You can use your phone as available or press *6 to mute and *6 to unmute.