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June Updates! June News!!

The 2019 Retreat is almost here. I hear it’s jammed packed with excellent topics and sessions. Hope to see you there!!

In the meantime, please take note of these changes:

  1. No Saturday 10 a.m. or 4 p.m. meeting on June 22, 2019 due to the retreat. Resumes normal schedule the following week.
  2. On Thursday, June 13, 2019, the 6 p.m. Big Book Step Study will move location (one week only) to St. Andrews Episcopal Church, 2233 Woodbourne Ave, Louisville, KY 40205 (Room 201). Same time 6 p.m. One week only. Returns to normal location the following week.
  3. A new way to explore recovery: Check out our new Speaker Meeting Directory. Many thanks to MF for contributing this helpful new tool.
  4. Speaking of new tools, we are moving away from WordPress and our new website is almost ready. Preview it here. Maintenance and updates will be much easier and security will be greater. See the latest Twelve Stepper for how to submit photo files for it.

The May Mtg Memo!

Dear Fellowship,

Please see below for news from several of our fellowship meetings and and reminder about our excellent Retreat (at the bottom).

  • No meeting in Eminence on Memorial Day, May 28, 2019. Resumes the next week.
  • The Clarksville IN Serenity House meeting has changed its day and time.   The meeting formerly met on Wednesday at 6:30 PM and now meets on Tuesday at 4:15 PM.
  • Our Thursday night Jeffersonville OA meeting has resumed. Time is 5:30 pm same location Springs St Jeffersonville rotating format, open to all COE (compulsive overeaters).
  • Retreat Reminder:

Deadline to register for the OA Retreat is June 1, 2019

Remember the Retreat dates have changed
and are now June 21-23, 2019

You can use the registration forms with the old dates
print a form from 
Google Louisville Metro OA and look for the new form on the Intergroup website.
If you have questions contact Sherrie, 502-262-7396 or Thea, 502-640-6055
Please help get the word out by announcing at meetings!
Scholarships still available.




The Louisville Metro Retreat date has changed for 2019.

June 21-23, 2019

(Arrival and program times remain the same.)

If registered but cannot attend due to the date change you will receive a full refund.
Contact Kathy C by email at for a refund ASAP.

If you still need to register use the same form. Registration has been extended to June 1, 2019.


If you have questions, please contact:
Thea S 502 640-6055, Sherrie H 502 262-7396,

or Traci B 502 419-0524

The Retreat Committee apologizes for the inconvenience caused by this date change.
There was a miscommunication between Mount Saint Francis and the Committee.

Only the date has changed.

The times, the speaker, the content, the Recovery

and the FUN remain the same.

Retreat Registration Is Open!

Registration is open for our June 2019 Retreat.

But there is a DEADLINE: Registrations must be received, not postmarked by May 17, 2019 June 1, 2019. Mount St. Francis does not permit late registrations or registrations at the door.

Link to registration form

A Weekend of Spiritual Recovery

June 7-9, 2019

NEW DATES: JUNE 21 – 23, 2019

Mount Saint Francis Center for Spirituality; Mount St. Francis, IN

A retreat hosted by Louisville Metro OA Intergroup.
Join us for a weekend of spiritual recovery as a trusted servant of Region 5, who shared her Experience, Strength and Hope at the 2018 Region 5 Convention, guides us through the Principles. We will focus on each Principle through a Step 11 lens. One step at a time, she will share her story on each Principle, accompanied by readings, guided reflection, meditation, writing, sharing, discussion and prayer.
In addition, the Retreat offers one-on-one activities, fellowship with friends, Night Owl OA meetings and FUN!
Whether you commute or stay overnight, you can count on time to experience step work, practice spiritual awareness, enjoy time with friends, walk the beautiful grounds at Mount Saint Francis and strengthen your recovery.


Sunday, February 24, 2019
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Second Presbyterian Church, Room 251
3701 Old Brownsboro Rd, Louisville, KY 40207

Sunday meeting’s usual room
Use entrance door marked 2
Handicap accessible entrance & elevator marked door 3


Unity Day reaffirms the love and understanding shared by members of our Fellowship – with an emphasis on Tradition One:

Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on OA unity.

Unity Day is observed by OA worldwide with a moment of silence at 11:30 a.m. PT. on the last Saturday of February in even years and the last Sunday of February in odd years.

At our Louisville Metro Intergroup Unity Day program we will pause at 2:30 p.m. ET for a moment of silence to reaffirm the strength inherent in OA’s unity. Even if you can’t attend the celebration you are encouraged to pause, too, as a personal commitment to unity and to feel connected to the Fellowship.

Bring your own beverage if desired
7 th Tradition will be collected
Hosted by the Sunday 2 p.m. Meeting

Construction updates

After much procrastination our website internals have all been updated to the latest versions. We did our best to find all the details, but please feel free to reach out to if you locate anything amiss.

Our next goals include:

  • adding SSL security (aka the padlock)
  • posting Twelve Stepper files
  • updating the pictures in the header
    • to submit a picture for consideration please make sure no person’s face is visible
    • we would love to have choices from all over our area in KY and IN

New meeting starts Thursday Jan 10, 2019


10:00 am


Jeffersontown Christian Church, Disciples of Christ
10631 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299

(Next to Jeffersontown Veterans Memorial Park where the helicopter is suspended in the air.)

Enter church from the parking lot. Use door to the left of the fenced A/C unit. It is marked ELEVATOR & OFFICE. Go to the right, go through the multi-purpose room, continue to the end of the hall. Room is on the left.

The meeting name is For Today.  It’s an open meeting

Meeting contact person:  Mary M 502-741-8548
It’s a  rotating format reading literature then discussing with option for a speaker the 2nds week of the month: wk#1 AABB; wk#2 Leader can choose to have a speaker or read/discuss any OA approved literature; wk#3 Step; Wk#4 Tradition; wk#5 leader’s choice of any OA Spiritual Principle.  In January we will start off with Step 3 and Tradition 3.  For the Step and the Spiritual Principle meetings the leader will use various OA approved literature for the basis of the meeting.

Winter Holiday Season Meeting Updates – Please check back often – UPDATED!

Winter Holiday Season 2018 Meeting Changes – And Additions

Check back often. Please send any related meeting changes to


Mon-Dec 31

MEETING: 10 AM, Shalom Towers/3650 Dutchmans Ln
Door locks but someone will be there until 10:05. After that
text Thea S to be let inside 502 640-6055.

MEETING:  7 PM Mt St Francis, Indiana
NO MEETING: 5:30 PM St Matthews Baptist Church
NO MEETING:  7 PM Incarnation Church

Tues-Jan 1
MEETING: 12 Noon Token 3 Club/4014 Dutchmans Ln
NO MEETING: 10 AM Beargrass Christian Church
NO MEETING:  7 PM St Andrews Episcopal Church

NO MEETING:   7 PM Middletown

MON DEC 24 – 5:30 pm

  • The Monday 5:30 pm meeting at St Matthews Baptist Church will not be held on December 24, 2018.
  • Instead we will meet instead at 10 AM on 12/24 on Christmas Eve morning at Shalom Towers (3650 Dutchmans Lane, near the JCC).    The door locks, but someone will be there until 10:05.   If you arrive later, please send a text to Sarah H at 347 837-1207 and she will let you in.

MON DEC 24 – 7 pm

TUE DEC 25 – 9 am

TUES DEC 25 – 7 pm

TUES DEC 25 – 7 pm

WED DEC 26 – 5:30 pm

MON DEC 31 – 7 pm

TUE JAN 1 – noon

TUES JAN 1 – 7 pm

Thanksgiving Season Meeting Changes – Updated – AGAIN!!!

Thanksgiving Season 2018 Meeting Changes

Check back often. Please send any related meeting changes to

Thanksgiving 2018

November 22 @ 7:00 am – 9:00 am

You are invited to a special ….

Thanksgiving Morning

Gratitude Meeting

7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

The Brook – Dupont

1405 Browns Lane; Louisville, KY 40207

Near Dutchmans Lane and I-264.

Start Thanksgiving with a focus on gratitude, strength,
and recovery in preparation for a day that presents
difficult food situations for many of us.
This meeting is a wonderful way to get a loving dose of recovery and start
your Thanksgiving Day with your OA community. 

  Come whether you can come for the entire two hours, need to come late,
or need to leave early.  Everyone is welcome!

Directions to enter the right building

at 1405 Browns Lane,  Louisville, KY 40207

Enter the parking lot then turn right to park near the Outpatient Building.

The Outpatient Building is to the right of the main Brook Hospital building.
Enter through the front door of the Outpatient Building then walk
straight ahead through the lobby to the meeting room.

Also, please remember that the meeting this year will be B.Y.O.B. — Bring Your Own Beverage!

Oct 20th and Oct 31st meeting location changes

Please see below for two temporary meeting location changes. Same days and times. Hope to see you there!
~~ One ~~
Saturday October 20th
the 4:00 PM OA meeting will not meet at Audubon Methodist Church
Please announce at meetings that the Oct 20th meeting will be at
The Brook Outpatient Services Building
1407 Browns Lane, Louisville 40207
This is at the Brook Hospital-Dupont.  When you turn into the parking lot from Browns Lane
the hospital is straight ahead but the Outpatient Building is the building on the right.
This is Browns Lane near Dutchmans Lane.
See you on Oct 20th at the Brook.

~~ Two ~~

Halloween — October 31st
5:30 PM OA Meeting 
that usually meets at St. Matthews Baptist Church
will meet instead at 
Heine Brothers on Chenoweth Lane at 5:30 PM.
Don’t be scared facing the holiday alone.
  Come for fellowship and support.
Please announce at meetings.

News you can use! August 2018

News from Monday’s Louisville Metro Intergroup of OA meeting:

  • Meeting change one: Starting Sept 1, 2018 the “Step Into Solution” meeting on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm in Clarksville IN will be moving days and times to Tuesdays at 4:15 pm. Same location (The Serenity House). You are invited!
  • Meeting change two: On Monday Sept 3, 2018 the “St Matthews Baptist Church” meeting at 5:30 pm will not meet due to the holiday. They WILL meet, though, that morning at 10:30 am at the Heine Brother’s Coffee on Chenoweth Lane. You are invited!
  • Meeting change three: Starting the first Sunday in October (10/7/2018) the meeting on Sundays at 2 pm will be moving location to the Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church, 4936 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY  40222. Same day and time. You are invited!


  • Service opportunity one: We are looking for a fellowship member to lead our annual Thanksgiving Day Gratitude meeting. Intergroup is working on the venue, and the time will be the traditional 7 – 9 am. If you are interested in leading this popular holiday meeting, please get in touch —
  • Service opportunity two: We are looking for fellowship members interested in being a part of our new Holiday Committee (Unity Day, IDEA Day, etc) and also for our new Workshop Committee. Proposed workshops include Sponsorship and Abstinence.  If you have any interest at all, please get in touch —

Pardon our construction dust — perhaps you noticed the maps of the meeting locations have been unavailable. We are slowly (but surely!) getting this fixed. Please stand by for this and more web site updates and improvements. Thank you for your patience.

New Step Study Group – JULY 28

This is Jenny L, writing on behalf of the Saturday 10 AM meeting at the YMCA in New Albany.

A closing
At a group conscience meeting this morning, members of the meeting decided to CLOSE AS A PUBLIC MEETING for the next 15 weeks. We have cancelled our meeting listing on the World, Region, and LMI websites. Please cross our meeting off any 12-Steppers you hand out to newcomers.

An invitation
While we will be closed to the public, six regular members of the meeting committed to meet from 10 AM to 12 PM each Saturday morning at the New Albany YMCA while we work through the 12-Step Workshop and Study Guide. Our plan is to re-open as a public meeting when we have worked through the 12 Steps and have more recovery to offer. That re-opening will be in mid-November.

Anyone who is interested in working through the 12-Steps

by using the 2016 Twelve-Step Work Shop and Study Guide manual

is welcome to join us for the Introductory Session on Saturday, July 28.

YMCA – Community Room (to the left of the Y desk on the first floor)

33 State Street, New Albany, IN

Introductory Session: July 28, 10 AM to 12 PM, is required for membership

followed by commitment for 15 weeks of two hour meetings 10 AM to 12 PM

Please announce the closing of the public meeting with the invitation to join the private study group at your meetings this week. We are following the directions in the study guide that no new members may join the study group after the Introductory Session. The study guide says that 4 to 12 is a good group size. We are now six, so you welcome to join us!

Please text me at 502 645-9726 if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Jenny L.

Derby related meeting changes | Check back often!

  • Thurby:
    • Behind The Red Door (Thursday 6:30 pm) will NOT meet on May 3, 2018, due to Pegasus Parade and its traffic
  • Oaks:
    • Highland Presbyterian (Friday 6:30 pm) will NOT meet on May 4, 2018
  • Derby:
    • Special Meeting: 11 am at the Token Club, on Derby Day, May 5, 2018. Hosted by our Sunday Night Shared Hope Meeting. All are welcome!
    • Saturday Serenity (Saturday 4:00 pm) WILL MEET on Derby Day, May 5, 2018, at the regular time and place—Audubon Park United Methodist Church


Please send any Derby related meeting changes to and we’ll both add them here and get the word out. Thanks so much.

April Updates!

Sunday 2:00 PM Meeting

2nd Presbyterian Church

Sunday, March 25th, nine OA members at the meeting held a group conscience about continuing the meeting or disbanding it.
 It was decided to keep the meeting active for now
and hold another group conscience on April 29th.

The meeting needs your support.
The treasurer will be leaving the city and the meeting needs an intergroup rep.  Just attending the meeting would be great way to do service. 
If someone could do service by being
the treasurer or intergroup rep that would be wonderful.
People that attend the meeting occasionally have commented that they would miss having a daytime Sunday meeting option.
 Together we get better.
Help support the recovery of your fellows. 

June 2018 Retreat

Recover through the 12 Steps with your Fellows!


June 8-10, 2018

Mount Saint Francis Center for Spirituality; Mount St. Francis, IN

A retreat hosted by Louisville Metro OA Intergroup.

Join us as our Region 5 Trustee walks us through a new OA resource, the Twelve Step Workshop and Study Guide, published by OA World Service in 2016. Together we will explore handouts and highlights from this resource, leaving with new insights about working the steps for ourselves, drawing from the text to sponsor others, or using the study guide as the basis for new 12-step study groups. In addition, the Retreat offers one-on-one activities, fellowship with friends, night owl OA meetings, and FUN. Whether you commute or stay overnight you can count on time to “step up” your step work, enjoy time with friends, walk the beautiful grounds at Mount Saint Francis, and strengthen your recovery.

Details and registration:


Fri 6:30 Mtg: Alternative Location 3/9 and 3/16

Hello all,
The Friday 6:30 meeting that meets at Highland Presbyterian Church asked me to pass along the heads up! that on Friday, March 9 (tomorrow) and on March 16  they will be meeting in the backroom of Heine Brothers at 119 Chenoweth Lane because of activities going on at the Highlands Church.
Thank you Highlands 6:30 meeting for the notice!
Jenny L
Communications Committee

Feb Twelve Stepper Posted – UNITY DAY UPDATE

From our February Twelve Stepper, which is now posted:

World Unity Day

We will be celebrating World Unity Day on Saturday, February 24th from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM. We will be meeting in Room 200 of St. Andrews Episcopal Church at 2233 Woodbourne Ave. The main focus for the celebration will be joining OA members around the world in saying the Unity Prayer at 2:30 PM.

A great big thank you goes out to the Saturday Serenity 4 PM meeting for hosting Unity Day this year.  Our hosts have chosen “Unity with Diversity “ as the theme for this year’s celebration. They will be highlighting the various ways in which our common disease affects each of us and the rich multitude of paths to recovery offered by this program of recovery. Along with joining OA members around the world in prayer at 2:30, our hosts have planned a speaker and a discussion period.

All are welcome and we can’t wait to see everyone there!

Unity Day – Feb 24, 2018

OA Unity Day Meeting (Now with updated room number)!

Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018

Time: 2:00-3:30 pm

Location: St. Andrews Episcopal Church, 2233 Woodbourne Ave, Louisville, KY 40205

  • Room 200 – please note updated room number
  • Accessible parking and entrance on Ellerbe Ave side of church
  • Also, no beverages provided but you may bring your own

Hosted by 4:00 PM Saturday Serenity Group and LMIG

Please join us to strengthen your recovery and honor our connection with fellow OA’s around the globe.

At 2:30 PM Eastern, OA’s from around the world will be saying Rozanne’s prayer:

“I put my hand in yours, and together we can do what we could never do alone. No longer is there a sense of hopelessness, no longer must we each depend upon our own unsteady willpower. We are all together now, reaching out our hands for power and strength greater than ours, and as we join hands, we find love and understanding beyond our wildest dreams.”

Posted by Robbie S for Saturday Serenity meeting
and Jenny L for Intergroup Communications Committee

Together We Get Better!

(Also, please note: the regular Saturday 4 p.m. meeting will NOT meet this day)

No mtg Fri Jan 12

From: Louisville Metroig <>
Date: Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 1:43 PM
Subject: no mg tonight (fri jan 12)
To: Louisville Metro OA <>

Greetings All,

Word on the (icy!) streets is that the Friday 6:30 pm meeting at Highland Presbyterian Church is cancelled tonight, due to the bad weather.
Best wishes for your day and travels and abstinence and everything,
Your LMI Communications Committee


Happy Holidays Everyone! Please bookmark this page. This same post will be updated as we learn of any more changes.



SUNDAY DEC 24, 2017

– no known time or location changes

MONDAY DEC 25, 2017

– 10:00 AM – Heine Brothers Coffee, 119 Chenoweth Ln, St Matthews, KY 40207 | Hosted by the Monday 5:30 p.m. meeting. Come join us!



TUESDAY DEC 26, 2017

– 7:00 PM – Heine Brothers Coffee, 805 Blankenbaker Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40243 | Hosted by the Tuesday 7:00 p.m. meeting. Come join us!


– 7:00 PM | St Andrews Episcopal Church | Room 105B | 2233 Woodbourne Ave, Louisville KY 40205 – normal meeting time, normal meeting place.


– 5:30 PM – Heine Brothers Coffee, 119 Chenoweth Ln, St Matthews, KY 40207 | Hosted by the Wednesday 5:30 p.m. meeting. Come join us!



– no known time or location changes

FRIDAY DEC 29, 2017

– 6:30 PM – Highland Presbyterian Church | 1011 Cherokee Rd, Louisville KY 40204 | TBA TBA TBA So far we believe this meeting will occur, but please watch this space



SUNDAY DEC 31, 2017

– no known time or location changes

MONDAY JAN 1, 2018

– 10:00 AM – Heine Brothers Coffee, 119 Chenoweth Ln, St Matthews, KY 40207 | Hosted by the Monday 5:30 p.m. meeting. Come join us!


– 7:00 PM – Incarnation Catholic Church | campus house | 2219 Lower Hunters Trace, Louisville KY 40216 – normal meeting time, normal meeting place. Come join us!


– no known time or location changes


– 5:30 PM – Heine Brothers Coffee, 119 Chenoweth Ln, St Matthews, KY 40207 | Hosted by the Wednesday 5:30 p.m. meeting. Come join us!


Thanksgiving Day, Nov 23 – Updated!!!

The Wednesday 5:30 meeting is hosting the Thanksgiving meeting and asks you to ….  Please announce this information at your meetings.

You are invited to a special ….

Thanksgiving Morning

Gratitude Meeting

7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

The Brook Dupont

1405 Browns Lane; Louisville, KY 40207

Near Dutchmans Lane and I-264.

Start Thanksgiving with a focus on gratitude, strength,
and recovery in preparation for a day that presents
difficult food situations for many of us.
This meeting is a wonderful way to get a loving dose of recovery and start
your Thanksgiving Day with your OA community. 

  Come whether you can come for the entire two hours, need to come late,
or need to leave early.  Everyone is welcome!

Please note this change this year!

The Brook is a new location for the Thanksgiving meeting so we want to make sure people have directions to enter the right building

at 1405 Browns Lane,  Louisville, KY 40207

Enter the parking lot then turn right to park near the Outpatient Building.

The Outpatient Building is to the right of the main Brook Hospital building.
Enter through the front door of the Outpatient Building then walk
straight ahead through the lobby to the meeting room.

Also, please remember that the meeting this year will be B.Y.O.B. — Bring Your Own Beverage!


Thank you, Wednesday 5:30, for organizing this day for us.

Information relayed by Jenny L, Intergroup Communications Committee


UPDATES!! Please also note the regular Thursday meetings  that will not take place on Thanksgiving day, November 23, 2017:

  • Thursday 6:00 PM – Big Book Step Study – does not meet November 23, 2017, resumes the following week
  • Thursday 6:30 PM – Behind the Red Door – does not meet November 23, 2017, resumes the following week
  • Thursday 5:30 PM – Jeffersonville, IN – does not meet November 23, 2017, resumes the following week

I.D.E.A Day – Sat Nov 18

From: Louisville Metroig <>
Date: Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 6:03 PM
Subject: IDEA Day invitation from Saturday 4 PM meeting

Hello, All,

This coming Saturday, November 18 is a world-wide OA day called I.D.E.A. Day – the International Day of Experiencing Abstinence.   The 4 PM Saturday meeting that meets at Audubon Park United Methodist Church at 3200 Poplar Level Road will focus its meeting on abstinence in honor of IDEA Day and invites you to join them.   While not an event, the meeting will be an option available to consider for your recovery.
Thank you Saturday 4 PM for planning your meeting in tune with OA World’s November 18 theme and inviting all to attend!
If you will be leading a meeting in the coming weeks, please remember that choosing “abstinence” as a topic is appropriate to this season!  The indices in the daily readers are a good starting point.
Also,  remember that locally we prepare for the holiday season by holding a fellowship-wide gratitude meeting on Thanksgiving morning.  As previously announced, the much loved Thanksgiving Morning Gratitude Meeting will take place from 7 to 9 AM at The Brook Hospital, 1405 Browns Lane. Louisville 40207.   Heads up!   “The Brook” is a new location for the meeting this year.    Turn right and park to the right as you enter The Brook campus.   The meeting is in a separate, outpatient building to the right of the main building.  Also, please remember to bring your own beverage.
I am thankful for these opportunities to get together!
Jennifer L

New IN Meeting

Our newest meeting is in Indiana and its details are below:


Mount St. Francis Retreat Center, 3rd Floor

101 St. Anthony Dr, Mt. St. Francis IN 47146

Contact: Dennis 812-903-4234

Under Construction Sept 2017

Our website is currently under maintenance. Your patience greatly appreciated while we fix it up for you.

Links and images are getting new addresses and will be randomly available until maintenance is complete.

October Update: Massive web maintenance construction continues. We plan to complete all the format and style changes by the end of the year. That is, more changes coming soon!

Meeting Updates – June 2017

Wednesday — the Men’s Focus meeting has changed their start time to 7:00 p.m. (was 7:30 p.m.). The weekly topic varies.

Thursday — the Newcomer’s Focus meeting at 6:30 p.m. has changed their format. In addition to the first three steps, rotating topics will include Literature, Tools, Speakers and more. All with a Newcomer’s focus.

Please see our Meeting Directory Page for full meeting details.

Red Door Mtg in church basement today April 27

Today’s 6:30 p.m. “Behind The Red Door” OA meeting will meet in the church basement, instead of the normal meeting room.


6:30 PM | Advent Episcopal Church | 901 Baxter Ave, Louisville KY 40204

April 27, 2017 location: Enter through same red doors on Baxter Ave, then go down the steps on the left (instead of up the steps on the right, which is the normal meeting location).

Hope to see you there!


It’s another tradition — Please note that the Wednesday, 5:30 pm, meeting has changed rooms (yet again). The newest assigned room is 111. Use the elevator to lower level by pressing 1.

From the meeting directory page:

5:30 PM | St Matthews Baptist Church | Room 111 (NEWEST ROOM) | 3515 Grandview Ave, Louisville KY 40207 | C


Big big update from Laura M., LMIG Co-chair, Please Read!

Hi Friends,

Unity Day will be February 25, 2017, at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church on Woodburne from 2 to 3:30

Daniel M. will make sure that the door is open for us.

We may have to end a little early, 3:30 or 3:45, to clean up. We also have to check the bathrooms to make sure they are clean as well.

The Saturday Meeting at 4:00 (Audubon Park Methodist) will not meet on Unity Day.

The Wednesday 5:30 meeting at St. Matthews Baptist Church has changed rooms. The new meeting place is in Room 111. Take the elevators in the atrium and press 1 to go to the basement. Room 111 is  in the hallway across from the  elevators.

There is a new meeting in Bardstown, KY. It is at Wickland Baptist Church, 510 Bloomfield Road 40004. This meeting meetsWednesday at 5:30. David C.  is the contact person 865-850-6749.

The Evansville, IN Intergroup is celebrating Unity Day on February 18, 2017. We have been invited to their meeting.

It will be at Grace and Peace Church, 200 South Boeke Road in Evansville.

They will have a Region 5 Chair as their speaker.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Laura M

Intergroup Co-chair

And also an update from Jenny L, who is on retreat Feb and March:

Louisville Metro Intergroup belongs to Region 5 of OA, and the Region publishes a good newsletter called “Freedom From Bondage.”  Here is the link to the November 2016 edition:   (This link is also on our Newsletter page)

Two articles in the November edition are especially worth passing along.   The first is about men in OA who have formed a Google Group and a men’s phone meeting.   The article reads:

“Men, if you would like to connect with other men in OA, please add your name to our Google Group.  The email address is  Please provide your name, email address and telephone number.  In addition you may indicate that you would like to be added to the Outreach List to either make or receive outreach calls from other men.  You may also indicate whether you would like a sponsor or be willing to sponsor. We are also looking for men who would be willing to lead a telephone meeting with the current abstinence requirement being 15 days.  We will provide leaders with a format for the meeting.  We are also looking for speakers with 90 days of current abstinence. The initiative for encouraging men to become more active in OA came from a Special Focus Group of men held at the World Service Convention in Cleveland, August 2013.  In May 2014 we began to have phone meetings every other Tuesday from 7-8 PM ET with a special focus on men. Currently, we have about 170 men in our Google Group and over 140 men on our Outreach list.  Recently, we have registered our telephone meeting with WSO.  We meet from 7-8 PM ET every Tuesday evening.   The dial-in information is:    1-712-775-7031  PIN – 242990669#   Men, please join us.   Together we can do what we cannot do alone!”   (Use *6 to mute/unmute)    (Official meeting information is on the OA website for phone meetings.)

A second article in the 11/2016  region newsletter has sections written by QA members from Louisville.   In an article about the OA 12 concepts and the principles they represent, Cutia B. and Sherrie H. shared their thoughts about Concept 12-F, “No OA service committee or service board shall ever perform any acts of government, and each shall always remain democratic in thought and action. ”   The principle associated with Concept 12-F is  RESPECT.    Here is what our Louisville friends wrote:

“Hmmm… Democratic in thought and action, what a novel concept. To me, that means that no single person or single committee is allowed to make decisions for the whole without prior authorization from the whole.  The democratic process is the basis of our American organization and our OA organization.  It is not a dictatorship or monarchy.  The group conscience decides how OA proceeds in thought and action.  Thank God!!!  When issues in my life confound and confuse me, I can count on issues that arise in the fellowship to be resolved in a respectful manner.  It’s refreshing to know that group meetings, Intergroup meetings, Region Assemblies, OA Conventions and Conferences are conducted with the respect and dignity afforded by the democratic process which is bypassed in so many other areas of society.  Only through discussion by the members and a vote are things determined. Respect of the process begets respect in service in OA.”  –Cutia B.  Louisville Metro Intergroup

“Respect for “Principled” Members

I respect members who share where they are with their program with Honesty.
I respect members who show up at meetings to share their Hope.
I respect members’ Faith in a HP because their faith inspires me to let go.
I respect members’ Courage to work the Steps, especially Step Four.
I respect members with the Integrity to walk the walk.
I respect members showing Willingness to do the next right thing.
I respect members acting with Humility because they show me I’m equal to my fellows.
I respect members who learn Self-discipline through using the Tools.
I respect members showing Love for Others to those needing to learn to love themselves.
I respect members’ Perseverance because this encourages me to keep coming back.
I respect members with the gift of Spiritual Awareness because this shows me the power of the Steps.
I respect members doing Service because this sustains OA as a whole and my program. ”

                                                                             — Sherrie H.   Louisville Metro Intergroup

Michigan Retreat Opportunity – May 19-21, 2017

Our Western Michigan Intergroup neighbors have invited us to their Spring Retreat.

See the flier here. (If flier link is not active, click to open just this one blog post first.)

Spring Retreat Sponsored by : Western Michigan Intergroup

May 19th – 21st 2017

Kettunen Center – 14901 4H Drive Tustin Michigan 49688

MLK Holiday Meeting Changes

Hello, All,
St. Matthews Baptist Church closes on MLK Day (01/16/2017), so the 5:30 Monday meeting has arranged to meet in the back room of the Heine Bros Coffee on Chenoweth Lane (119 Chenoweth Ln, St Matthews, KY 40207) from 5 to 6 PM.
Please note the time change to 5 PM.   The meeting must meet from 5 to 6 to prevent overlap with another group that needs the meeting space at 6:30.
Good save Monday meeting!
The Monday monthly Intergroup meeting that falls on MLK Day, January 16, 2017, will meet as usual at Second Presbyterian Church.
Jenny L

Save The Date: 2017 Retreat: June 23-25

Dear Louisville Metro OA fellowship,
This is Jenny L inviting you to save the dates June 23-25 to attend the annual OA retreat at the Mount Saint Francis (Indiana) retreat center.
Planning is well underway for the retreat with these exciting developments:
1)   The retreat has a marvelous theme and title – LOSING ISOLATION, FINDING FREEDOM.
2)   The retreat has a keynote speaker from the Evansville LG2 (Let go, let God) intergroup who is also a member of the planning committee.
3)  For the first time, representatives from 3 !  intergroups (Louisville, Evansville, and the Kentucky Bluegrass) are on the planning committee and will be inviting people from their meetings to attend.
4)  The retreat’s theme, “Losing Isolation, Finding Freedom,” reminds us that the OA program moves us from Point A (a disease of isolation)  to Point B (the freedom of recovery).    How does the OA program – with its steps, traditions, and tools – move us this way?   This year’s leader and retreat planners are taking the “moving” theme seriously.    The retreat will have a mix of formats – keynote speaker, workshops, meetings, and one-on-one sharing – to change up the action and keep our hearts and bodies moving.
You have nothing to lose but your isolation!  by coming to the June 23-25 retreat.  Think what a great thing that would be.
Online and hard copy registration forms will be available on March 20 for official sign-up, but in the meantime, SAVE THE DATES:    June 23-25-2017.
Please feel free to write with any questions.
Together we get better,
Jenny L.
for the Retreat Committee


The Wednesday night 6:15 pm meeting that previously met at St. Jude’s has moved to a new location.  The new address is:

The Serenity House

200 Homestead Ave, Clarksville, IN 471292830

The meeting time will remain at 6:15 p.m. on Wednesdays. This is a permanent location change.

Dec 2016 / Jan 2017 Holiday Meeting Changes

Here is the good news about OA meetings that are open and closed during the winter holidays.
  • Saturday, December 24 – the first night of Hanukah and Christmas Eve
    • the Saturday 9:30 AM St. Andrews meeting WILL MEET
    • the Saturday 10 AM New Albany YMCA     WILL MEET
    • the Saturday 4 PM Audubon Methodist – will be closed.
  • Sunday, December 25 – Christmas Day   —   some good news!
    • the Sunday 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM meetings at Second Presbyterian WILL MEET
  • Monday, December 26
    • the Monday 5:30 PM meeting at St. Matthews Baptist will be closed because the church will be closed for the holidays; the janitors are on vacation.
  • Wednesday, December 28
    • the Wednesday 5:30 PM meeting at St. Matthews Baptist closed – janitors on vacation.
  • Saturday, December 31, New Year’s Eve
    • all three Saturday meetings WILL MEET – St. Andrews, New Albany, Audubon Methodist
  • Sunday, January 1, New Year’s Day
    • both Sunday meetings at Second Presbyterian WILL MEET at 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM
  • Monday, January 2
    • St. Matthews Monday meeting closed – church still closed for holidays.
 After that, as far as I know, all meetings will meet as normal.  Please send in any additions or corrections.
Best wishes, everyone, for hope-filled winter holidays!
Jenny L
Interim Intergroup Co-chair

Thanksgiving Day Meeting Changes

Please spread the message that the regular Thursday meetings in J’ville at 5:30 PM and in L’ville at 6:30 PM will not meet on Thanksgiving Day.
However, everyone is invited to the special Thanksgiving Day gratitude meeting that takes place on Thanksgiving morning from 7 to 9 AM at St Andrews Episcopal Church, 2233 Woodbourne Ave. 40205 in the 2nd floor of the Education Building behind the church.
Feel free to come as you are –  when you can get there –  with gratitude in your heart – and carrying your own abstinent beverage!
Thankful for our fellowship this season,
Jenny L
LMI Interim Co-chair

Thanksgiving Day 2016

We will meet for our annual Thanksgiving Day gratitude meeting on Thanksgiving morning from 7 AM to 9 AM at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 2233 Woodbourne Ave on the second floor of the Education Building behind the church.   Bring your own beverage!

Also, please let me know (me is   if there are any changes in meeting schedules for  Thanksgiving weekend.

Looking for a change up and a charge up and a time to be thankful!!

– Jenny L
LMI Co-chair

I.D.E.A. DAY 2016 – Saturday Nov 19, 2 pm

Our OA fellowship is observing  I.D.E.A. Day (International Day of Experiencing Abstinence) this coming Saturday, November 19, 2016,  with a special workshop from 2 to 4:30 at Second Presbyterian Church, 3701 Old Brownsboro Road.   Two Louisville Metro OA members designed the workshop with two officers from OA Region 5, who are driving down to lead it.   One is coming from Illinois and one from Indianapolis.   Please come to share your experience and your questions and difficulties?  maybe?   with abstinence.   The topics it covers will include:
  • the definition of abstinence
  • plans of eating and struggling with that plan
  • obsessing on body image, weight, and exercise
  • who’s really in charge – HP or me?
  • what’s so scary about surrender?
  • sponsors, sponsoring, doing serve, aids to long-term abstinence
  • Plenty of time for sharing included!
Get together with people from many meetings and from far-away meetings change up! and charge up!  our OA experience.   Please turn up! on Saturday afternoon for this one-of-a-kind meeting.
  • If parked on the side of the building that faces Brownsboro Rd, use door #3 under carport (HC accessible); follow signs.
  • On opposite side of building, park in the lot that’s below the oval driveway; Go up steps to double glass doors #6 (Many steps – This entrance is NOT  HC accessible.
A few further notes about the November 19 event:
1)   Signs will direct you  to the workshop room no matter which entrance you choose.
2)    The Workshop will be led by two visiting leaders from OA Region 5.   Please turn out a Louisville welcome for  these servants who are traveling a long way to be with us.
3)   Please come whether you have been abstinent for many years or whether you struggle with abstinence.   It’s in the mix of our experiences that we get better.
4)   Everyone, remember to announce this workshop at your meetings from now through the 19th.   Ask your friends if they are coming.   Plan to meet friends there or carpool with them!
5)  Event flier is now posted here!

Sunday Oct 2, BBSS Meeting: Step 2, Part 1

The next Sunday 3:30 meeting, on October 2nd, will be on Step 2, Part 1. The steps as discussed in the Big Book Of Alcoholics Anonymous are covered in a 15-week cycle. However it is not necessary to begin with Step 1. There are people regularly attending the meeting who are available to be sponsors. All are welcome whether newcomers, old timers, people in relapse, people who want to do a thorough 4th step, etc.

The meeting is located at Second Presbyterian right off Brownsboro Road, 3701 Old Brownsboro Road. Enter door under the drive thru carport. Room 251. There is an elevator to 2nd floor. Call Patricia 387-5853 with questions.

Special meeting Saturday, September 24, 2016

A message from Sherrie H, member of the retreat planning committee for 2017

On September 24th at 10:00 am the Retreat Planning Committee will meet at Panera, 3131 Poplar Level Rd to begin planning for next year’s retreat. Panera is located between Eastern Parkway and the Watterson Expressway on the opposite side of the street from McDonald’s.

The 2017 Retreat will be held at Mount St Francis on June 23-25th, 2017!

If you are interested in working on the Retreat in any capacity you are welcomed at this meeting. Attending this meeting doesn’t mean you must commit to attending additional meetings. If you have ideas for a Retreat topic or format please bring them with you. If you can’ t attend yet want to volunteer or have ideas please text or call Sherrie at 502-262-7396.

It is very important for the Planning Committee to get 2-3 people willing to work finding a Retreat leader/speaker. The sooner the better. If this is something that would interest you but you can’t attend the meeting please text or call Sherrie at 502-262-7396.

Please help make the 2017 Retreat the best ever.  Please do service.

Also, if you would like to be present at the meeting by calling in by telephone, here is the procedure:

  • Call this phone bridge number
  • 712-432-5200
  • Enter access code 998025#
  • You enter muted.
  • Press *1 to unmute to speak.
  • Press *1 to remute after you speak.
  • Use the system’s mute function (*1).
  • Do not use your cell phone’s mute button as it interferes with the system’s mute function.
Thank you,
Jenny L
Mailing list scribe

Heads up, the deadline for getting your registration form into the retreat committee is July 15!

The annual Louisville Metro retreat will take place from July 29-31 at Mount St. Francis just over the I-64 bridge in Floyds Knobs, IN.

Heads up, the deadline for getting your registration form into the retreat committee is July 15! Please see the Events -> July 2016 LMIG Retreat link for a registration form if you need one to fill in and mail.

The retreat theme this year is Benchmarks for 12-Step Recovery: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual. One meaning of “Benchmark” is “point of reference.” Our leader is well-versed in both the OA and AA programs and she will be taking us into OA and AA literature for “benchmarks” for working each step well. “Benchmarks” can also be personal landmarks — the times in our lives — those “AHA” experiences — when we have come to a deeper understanding of what any program step means. Between what the leader shares and what we share the retreat promises to be marvelous! This year’s retreat also allows for generous downtime and fun.

Please come if you can to share the good times.

Feel free to email ( ) with questions!

Thank you,

Jenny L
for Intergroup and the Retreat Committee

Friday 6:30 meeting on May 6 moves to St Jude’s Women’s Center

From: Louisville Metroig <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 3, 2016 11:53 PM
Subject: Friday 6:30 meeting on May 6 moves to St Jude’s Women’s Center
Hello, again,
The Friday 6:30 meeting has asked me to report that they are moving for this week, too, to the St. Jude’s Women’s Center at 431 E. St. Catherine St, 40203.
Thank you, Thursday and Friday meetings, for letting us know, and for being loyal to your meeting times.
together we get better!
…..    even when Derby turns the town upside down ….
Jenny L

July 2016 Retreat Info

OA Louisville Metro Annual Retreat ~ July 29-31, 2016

Mount St. Francis Center for Spirituality ~ Mount St. Francis, IN 

Benchmarks of 12-Step Recovery <> Physical…Emotional…Spiritual

See our Events page for more info and link to registration form. Which is also available from the links table at the bottom of our home page.

Mount St. Francis web page link.

Hope to see you there!


First meeting date: May 17, 2016

Each Tuesday at 10:00 AM

Room 114 — Beargrass Christian Church

Use the door on the Browns Lane side 

 4100 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40207

At the corner of Shelbyville Rd. and Browns Ln.

Contacts:  Harriette F @ 502-558-5434 or Sherrie H @ 502-262-7396

In the beginning this meeting will allow the leader to pick the meeting topic using any OA approved literature.  The leader may also choose to tell their story or get someone to tell theirs.  After a month or so there will be a group conscience to discuss a permanent meeting format.  It may be helpful but not required for members to bring an OA 12&12 or AA Big Book to the meetings.

 The meeting wants to thank our Louisville Metro Intergroup for a donation to purchase literature.  If any groups have excess literature they wish to donate please contact Harriette or Sherrie. 

It is hoped a good number of members will support this new meeting
in order to make it successful.

Please join us on May 17th, Tuesday, at 10:00 a.m.

Beargrass Christian Church

Room 114

St Pat’s Day Meeting Location Change

Due to St Patrick’s Day traffic, the March 17, 6:30 p.m. “Behind-the-Red-Door” OA meeting will NOT meet at Church of the Advent on Baxter Ave.

It WILL meet at St Andrews Episcopal:

St Andrews Episcopal Church | Room 204 | 2233 Woodbourne Ave, Louisville KY 40205

Same time 6:30 p.m.

Hope you can come.