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7th Tradition / Group Treasurers

When making donations, please include your Group Number on all checks and correspondence. Thank you for your Service!

Paying Online Online form Online form
Mailing In Contribution form Contribution form
Checks to Lou. Metro
of OA
Region 5 World Service Office
Mail to LMI of OA
PO Box 7223
Louisville KY 40257
Region 5
PO Box 1087
Lombard IL 60148-2375
World Service Office
PO Box 44727
Rio Rancho NM 87174-4272

Intergroup Information

Program Principles

Steps Spiritual
Traditions Spiritual
Concepts Spiritual
Step One Honesty Tradition One Unity Concept One Unity
Step Two Hope Tradition Two Trust Concept Two Conscience
Step Three Faith Tradition Three Identity Concept Three Trust
Step Four Courage Tradition Four Autonomy Concept Four Equality
Step Five Integrity Tradition Five Purpose Concept Five Consideration
Step Six Willingness Tradition Six Solidarity Concept Six Responsibility
Step Seven Humility Tradition Seven Responsibility Concept Seven Balance
Step Eight Self-discipline Tradition Eight Fellowship Concept Eight Delegation
Step Nine Love Tradition Nine Structure Concept Nine Ability
Step Ten Perseverance Tradition Ten Neutrality Concept Ten Clarity
Step Eleven Spiritual Awareness Tradition Eleven Anonymity Concept Eleven Humility
Step Twelve Service Tradition Twelve Spirituality Concept Twelve Guidelines
(a) Selflessness
(b) Realism
(c) Representation
(d) Dialogue
(e) Compassion
(f) Respect