New Step Study Group – JULY 28

This is Jenny L, writing on behalf of the Saturday 10 AM meeting at the YMCA in New Albany.

A closing
At a group conscience meeting this morning, members of the meeting decided to CLOSE AS A PUBLIC MEETING for the next 15 weeks. We have cancelled our meeting listing on the World, Region, and LMI websites. Please cross our meeting off any 12-Steppers you hand out to newcomers.

An invitation
While we will be closed to the public, six regular members of the meeting committed to meet from 10 AM to 12 PM each Saturday morning at the New Albany YMCA while we work through the 12-Step Workshop and Study Guide. Our plan is to re-open as a public meeting when we have worked through the 12 Steps and have more recovery to offer. That re-opening will be in mid-November.

Anyone who is interested in working through the 12-Steps

by using the 2016 Twelve-Step Work Shop and Study Guide manual

is welcome to join us for the Introductory Session on Saturday, July 28.

YMCA – Community Room (to the left of the Y desk on the first floor)

33 State Street, New Albany, IN

Introductory Session: July 28, 10 AM to 12 PM, is required for membership

followed by commitment for 15 weeks of two hour meetings 10 AM to 12 PM

Please announce the closing of the public meeting with the invitation to join the private study group at your meetings this week. We are following the directions in the study guide that no new members may join the study group after the Introductory Session. The study guide says that 4 to 12 is a good group size. We are now six, so you welcome to join us!

Please text me at 502 645-9726 if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Jenny L.