I.D.E.A. DAY 2016 – Saturday Nov 19, 2 pm

Our OA fellowship is observing  I.D.E.A. Day (International Day of Experiencing Abstinence) this coming Saturday, November 19, 2016,  with a special workshop from 2 to 4:30 at Second Presbyterian Church, 3701 Old Brownsboro Road.   Two Louisville Metro OA members designed the workshop with two officers from OA Region 5, who are driving down to lead it.   One is coming from Illinois and one from Indianapolis.   Please come to share your experience and your questions and difficulties?  maybe?   with abstinence.   The topics it covers will include:
  • the definition of abstinence
  • plans of eating and struggling with that plan
  • obsessing on body image, weight, and exercise
  • who’s really in charge – HP or me?
  • what’s so scary about surrender?
  • sponsors, sponsoring, doing serve, aids to long-term abstinence
  • Plenty of time for sharing included!
Get together with people from many meetings and from far-away meetings change up! and charge up!  our OA experience.   Please turn up! on Saturday afternoon for this one-of-a-kind meeting.
  • If parked on the side of the building that faces Brownsboro Rd, use door #3 under carport (HC accessible); follow signs.
  • On opposite side of building, park in the lot that’s below the oval driveway; Go up steps to double glass doors #6 (Many steps – This entrance is NOT  HC accessible.
A few further notes about the November 19 event:
1)   Signs will direct you  to the workshop room no matter which entrance you choose.
2)    The Workshop will be led by two visiting leaders from OA Region 5.   Please turn out a Louisville welcome for  these servants who are traveling a long way to be with us.
3)   Please come whether you have been abstinent for many years or whether you struggle with abstinence.   It’s in the mix of our experiences that we get better.
4)   Everyone, remember to announce this workshop at your meetings from now through the 19th.   Ask your friends if they are coming.   Plan to meet friends there or carpool with them!
5)  Event flier is now posted here!